We love flying and we love all things that fly. That's why we say...   Down with down.


Down isn't worth the sacrifice

We don't believe that the pain and suffering caused to live geese or the slaughter of them for the convenience of warmth is right. Feathers belong on the bird, not in a jacket. That's why here at FlyKandy we refuse to even entertain the idea of using it as insulation in our clothing - end of story. 


We believe that the beautiful environments in which we fly should be kept that way.


The EARTH Means the world to us...

Wherever possible, we plan to keep our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. That means, wherever possible, using carbon conscious materials made in human conscious factories. That's why, we've developed our range with some of the industry's leading fabric and filling manufacturers to make our products perform exceptionally with as little impact on the incredible landscapes in which we fly. And, as we grow, we intend to continue decreasing our impact on the environment more and more.


Our jackets will leave a legacy for generations to come.


Every jacket sold equals 1 tree planted.

We want to have a positive impact on this planet. That's why, for every jacket we sell we will plant a tree to help offset the carbon footprint created during the manufacturing process. We already have a dedicated site to begin planting our trees, based in the spectacular county of North Yorkshire, Great Britain.